Our mission

1. Provide  pleasure  of wearing exceptional apparel, happiness and satisfaction to all Bangladeshi people

  • We do everything (plan, produce and sell) uniquely in Bangladesh using Uniqlo’s global expertize.
  • We want to provide high quality, comfortable products at affordable price that are in conformity with Bangladesh. 

2. Solve  social issues  of Bangladesh through business 

  • We will train global standard business leaders using Uniqlo’s global expertize.
  • We want to create working environment where there would be no discrimination of educational background, age, gender etc.
  • We give efforts to provide safe and secured working environment for all our business partners including producing clothes in compliance factories. 

3. Reinvest all the profits to promote social business

  • We vow to reinvest all our profit s for expanding business and increasing production through which we will solve more social issues and contribute to fulfilling life of Bangladeshi people.